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Step one: Never come back (serious vent) by tuzziixx Step one: Never come back (serious vent) by tuzziixx
Lately i have felt suicidal, depressed, worthless, unloved, and numb.

I have thought about suicide at least once this week already and really i don't get how people are always so happy. I cant even truly feel happy. It all feels like a joke when i'm smiling or laughing around my friends. I really just wish i was fucking gone. The i wouldn't have to deal with life, and you know what? I really think that would be better... Im tired of constantly feeling nothing, feeling alone, feeling like everyone around me couldn't care less if i disappeared tomorrow or not. Im an outcast and so many people in my school tease me or just be complete assholes to me for seeming no reason. I  feel like a fuck up in relationships and just in life. I have messed up so much and have been hated on by others and myself for it. I literally hold back tears so often that its just a normal occurrence to me. Life has lost almost any meaning to me at this point and really, i have just lost faith in ever really being happy again... Will anybody truly fall in love in with me? Will anybody ever WANT to love me... Can i actually keep someone close to me for more time?... Can i stop being a waste of space?... Can i even put a real smile on my face again?...
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March 20
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